Plan Your Gifts for the Greatest Impact

Each year millions of Americans make gifts in support of charitable purposes of their choice. In today’s environment, these gifts are more important than ever in helping fund the work of Sharpe. Many have found that time spent considering the best ways to structure their gifts can help them make meaningful contributions while meeting personal planning goals as well.

  • You will discover ways to make gifts to Sharpe you may not have thought possible.
  • You will see how the property you choose to make your gifts can make a difference in how much you may choose to give.
  • You will learn the many ways you can make special gifts through your long-range estate and financial plans.
  • You will enjoy your giving more knowing you are making the best use of income, gift and estate tax savings associated with gifts.
  • You will learn how to give in ways that can actually "give back" for a time, providing extra income in retirement years or to help fund educational expenses and other needs.

That's what effective gift planning is all about. We trust the information presented here will help you maximize your gifts while preserving or enhancing financial security for yourself and your loved ones.